Calahan Foundation

Calahan Foundation, a non-profit 501c3, was created in 2009 by Edward & Shirley Calahan to inspire youth through educational scholarships, contemporary role models, entrepreneurial mentorship, and economic empowerment programs.

Mission is to create ways of Giving a Hand Out ... to Give a Hand Up” to children. 

Our Goal is to mentor and inspire young CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders in our communities through business basics, work assignments, investment learning, and fun fulfillment curriculums. 

Our demographic are TWEENS (ages 9 – 12, grades 4 through 7), TEENS (ages 13 – 16, grades 8 through 10), and YOUNG ADULTS (ages 17 – 26, high school/college-age students) who are highly participatory, creatively connected and achievement oriented. 

Each year our "Celebration of Giving Benefit Concert" bring together over 2,000 guests (70% young adults) raising funds for annual scholarship awards to low-income high school students in inner city communities.  Many of our scholarship recipients attend local colleges as well as some of the top universities across the United States. 

Foundation gift donations also help ten (10) local housing shelters we have adopted in our communities to provide basic needs for homeless individuals such as healthy foods serving over 5,000 families, and providing warm clothing as well as "toys for tots" at Christmas.

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